Piercing at The Circle London

We offer a stunning array of jewellery for a wide selection of piercings. Rhianna Jones is our head piercer with nearly two decades of experience. 


Please check back soon as we aim to have further information on procedures, prices, healing times and jewellery available on the website!

Currently we take bookings for piercing appointments but also offer a walk in service if available at the time. For further information on our piercings please contact us.


vertical and horizontal nipple
3 pink microdermals on the wrist
septum - danila's 'indian' solid 18kt go
surface bar on the nape of the neck
daith with BCR
nostril with prong set swarovski from ne
nostril with prong set swarovski from ne
double helix with opals from qualiti
conch to conch industrial
danila tarcinale 'asha' in yellow gold
daith with titanium BCR
fresh industrial
conch with ball closure ring
stacked lobe and conch
stacked lobe
microdermals with discs
helix with neometl white opal
double lobe with titanium barbells from
microdermal 2
septum angle
low helix
triple flat_helix
conch - check if danilas_
conch with qualiti star
dbl forward helix
double helix angles
dbl forward helix
helix and high lobe
cocnh, jewellery from qualiti
helix and high lobe angles
scapha, jewellery from qualiti
back microdermals
ask rhi
stacked lobes with opals from neometal__
double helix
double nostril with neometal swarovskis.
daith with danila's 18kt yellow gold 'in
dbl tragus with qualiti opals
septum with danila tarcinale's handmade
daith with circular barbell
nostril with a disc
triple conch with purple opals from qual
dbl tragus
septum with BCR
bridge_earl piercing
daith with danila tarcinale solid 18k go
lobe with bcr
high lobe with Qualiti flower
high lobe with Neometal trinity with cle
conch with purple attchment from qualiti
helix with danila tarcinale solid 18k ye
helix with qualiti opal flower
nostril with neometal trinity with genui
helix_flat with qualiti blue_green opal
low helix with danila tarcinale's 18k ye
ask rhi
lobe with anodised gold BCR
forward helix
flat and conch
double helix with genuine blackbezel set
danila tarcinale solid 18k yellow gold m
helix with solid 18k yellow gold bead fr
lobe with `bcr
daith with white opal BCR from qualiti .
solid 18kt yellow gold hammered seam rin
High Lobe with Danila Tarcinale solid 18
Daith with Danila Tarcinale solid 18kt y
Conch with qualiti opal cluster
Septum with danila tarcinale 18kt yellow
Septum with danila tarcinale 18kt yellow
Double tragus with danila tarcianale sol
daith with industrial strength clicker
dbl tragus with neometal swarovskis
nostril with neometal prong set swarovsk
triple helix with neometal opals and moo
low helix with qualiti bar attachment an
high nostrils with neometal moostones
conch with danila tarcinale 'louis' stud
scapha_flat with qualiti lightning bolt
fresh third lobe. first two healed
daith with solid 18kt white gold hammere
fresh helix with neometal's genuine pink
Fresh septum with qualiti circular barbe
helix eith neometal titanium disc
scapha_flat with qualiti opal cluster
helix with danial tarcinale solid 18kt y
nostril with neometal opal --- on YELLTA
healed helix piercings with 2 solid 18kt
daith with solid 18kt yellow gold hammer
double helix with neometal opal and moon
daith with solid 18kt yellow gold ' indi
conch with solid 18kt skull danila tarci
jewellery upgrade to danila tarcinale's
fresh rook
fresh dbl forward helix and tragus
forward helix with clear CZ from qualiti
paired nostrils and labret from qualiti
tragus with clear swarovski from neometa
stretched top forward helix
helix with a triple CZ cluster
tragus with white opal from neometal
fresh septum with BCR
forward helix with tribead
daith with a black cherry opal inside a
Daith with white opal BCR from qualiti
nostril with moonstone from neometal
anti tragus with clear CZ from qualiti .
anti tragus with curved barbell from qua
rook with forward facing swarovskis from
eyebrow with qualiti curved barbell
conch to conch industrial
third lobe with a tribead anodised yello
fresh helix with a CZ cluster
tragus with blue opal trio from qualiti.
philtrum with lime opal from neometal
tragus angle
conch with moonstone from neometal