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The Circle London


The Circle London was founded in 2011 with the view of creating a space that offers an amalgamation of tattoo culture and creativity across many different mediums. The entire space is aimed to showcase artistic innovation and the passion behind it. Located in the heart of London’s bustling Soho, it couldn’t be better placed to highlight the diversity and spirit within the arts and tattooing community.


I had my first ever tattoo today, by Mike Boyd. Everyone I met was very friendly and professional (I had some new earrings put in too, bonus!)
I absolutely love my tattoo. It's exactly what I wanted but a million times better than I had in my head! Mike's a genius mind reader as well as tattooist. Haha. Will no doubt be back for another! (And a new piercing.) Thank you so much for a great experience.




Claire Cross

Such a cool shop, very clean, creative and easy to find in busy London. Natalie did an amazing job on my tattoo, would 100% go back for another tattoo!

Sophie Shepherd

People that work here are super lovely and helpful. Studio is beautiful and spotless.
I actually left my phone here and they sent it to me in the post as I'm from Devon which they didn't have to do but they did - really appreciated.
Can't recommend this place enough.

Hannah Jay Shipley

Amazing! Got the most perfect tattoo by a touring tattooist called Shannon Eliot.
Very cool space for a tattoo.

Rachel Read

The first tattoo studio I ever went to. Reception desk and waiting area upstairs, actual work done downstairs in the basement. There are a lot of good artists here, so they can normally cater for any style. Can have a long waiting list

Neil Campbell

Great artists & friendly atmosphere. I've had 3 tattoos done here & I will be going there again in the future.

Ian Stone


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