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Pang - 'No glove, no love' - 22cm hand painted plate

Pang - 'No glove, no love' - 22cm hand painted plate

One of a kind hand painted, 22cm ceramic plate by Lisbon based artist Pang entitled 'No glove, no love'. Shown at The Circle London as part of her 'Mamsita' exhibition in December of 2018.


Painting both in the studio and around the city, much of her mural work can be found in London and she has painted in public spaces in Rome, Lisbon, Paris, Vienna, Palermo, Marrakech, Ibiza, Murcia, Seville, Bristol and Poznan.


She studied at a classical painting atelier in Florence, Italy, for four years, learning the sight-size method, as used by portrait painters such as Henry Raeburn and John Singer-Sargent.


Since returning, Pang continued developing her oil painting whilst exploring a very different world in street art, and began to integrate Old Master copies into her murals.


Finding juxtaposition and humour through the connection of these two very different disciplines, Pang has married her attempts to emulate the Old Master portraits with her interventions in public spaces.


The signature cowboy who flippantly destroys her classical pieces can be regularly seen interrupting her more recent works, casting a stark contrast whilst inextricably sealing the two art forms in spite of their cultural and social distance.


The cowboy is a representation of the struggle that can be found between what people define as “art” over “graffiti”, describing the war between these two worlds, and the response that is emerging within the artist herself.


Exploring themes of psychology, mass social behaviour and the human condition, her work contains a grisly, humorous narrative that vividly expresses her morbidly curious nature, and the more awkward questions regarding social facade, the inner-self and humanity’s constant struggle between the two.

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